Sleep Better with Self-Acupressure

sleep better

Help me sleep!
How can I get a good night sleep?
How to get to sleep?
I can’t sleep!

As a therapist, I have heard those words so many times in my practice!

Sleep problems (ranging from problems to fall asleep to total insomnia) take a heavy toll on our health. Sleep deprivation is indeed so disturbing for our balance and global health (physical, mental, emotional) that it is used as a torture and mind manipulation technique.

If you suffer from insomnia, the possible causes are many and you should first rule out depression, medication and inadequate mattress/pillow.

Sleep Better with Acupressure

Then, if you are looking for a sleep remedy that does not involve chemicals or complicated protocoles, self-acupressure is for you!

Acupressure is safe and easy to apply (if explained by a certified acupressure practitioner), and does not require any tool or equipment: all you need is… your hands!

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