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Freckled Sky

Freckled Sky

Cutting-edge multimedia technologies and good old fashioned human creativity. Howard Stern hits Gthe golden buzzer for – America’s Got Talent 2015. . .

Spine and emotions

Your Spine Stores Your Emotions

Each of our vertebrae is linked to a particular emotion. Here’s the analogy mapping. C1: Mulling over C2: Self denial C3: Being by what we do C4: Anger, guilt C5: Expression (speak, say) C6:...

Maido Project

Maido Project

Mesmerizing electro-jazz! Maido Project Live featuring Sandhya Sanjana, Monica Shaka, Minh Pham, Leo Komazawa, Fabrice Drigues & Pierre Baillot. .

Topography of Tears, Rose-Lynn Fisher

The Topography of Tears

A few years ago, during a time of personal hardship when she cried a lot, artist Rose-Lynn Fisher asked herself: “I wonder if all tears are the same? I wonder if tears of grief...

Emotional hygiene, Guy Winch

Emotional hygiene

How do you react to loneliness, failure and other emotional pain? Do you treat your psychological injuries as diligently as your physical injuries? You should! Here’s why and how. (TED Talk by Guy Winch,...